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Intelligent Content Analysis (ICA) Rating:  (6 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: December 12, 2008 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
SecurExchange puts you in control to enforce your corporate policies, compliance and security measures on every single email — Internal, Inbound and Outbound and provides full “After the Fact” scanning of user mailboxes and public folders.

SecurExchange with ICA uses natural language processing abilities and techniques including dictionary, thesaurus and prefix/suffix and plural stripping methods (to name a few). SecurExchange also provides standard Concepts for the control of such areas as credit card data (PCI), Social Security Numbers (SSN), account numbers, confidential material, harassing or inappropriate language. SecurExchange can also ensure that any email contains required information like contact information, client or project id, or a company disclaimer. Support is provided for Exchange 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5, and SBS.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::$999
:: Company ::Nemx Software Corporation - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.nemx.com
:: Email ::info@nemx.com

Exclaimer Image Analyzer Rating:  (7 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 29, 2010 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Exclaimer Image Analyzer provides business owners with email image scanning functionality. Using the latest technology, Exclaimer Image Analyzer ensures no images of pornographic or inappropriate nature pass through the corporate email system. This is the first line of brand defence! Monitor image attachments, Protect your brand and your employees, Reduce your legal exposure, & Educate email users about policy.

Exclaimer Image Analyzer is deployed quickly and easily and works in conjunction with Microsoft Active Directory through Microsoft Exchange server 2007 and 2010. This means any email sent via Outlook, Outlook Express, Smartphones, PDAs and BlackBerrys are automatically scanned for inappropriate content. An initial audit period allows you to report on the level of imagery going through your corporate email system, categorizing them into ‘clean’ and ‘suspect’ through the intuitive reporting tools.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::from $210
:: Company ::Exclaimer Ltd - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.exclaimer.com
:: Email ::sales@exclaimer.com

bt-WebFilter for ISA/TMG Rating:  (157 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: January 18, 2013 Reviews: 10 reviews - View / Submit
Automate Internet access management and create a safe, secure and productive working environment with Burstek’s bt-WebFilter. WebFilter installs on Microsoft ISA/TMG to provide flexible Web access and protection for your employees. With Active Directory support and 60+ predefined Web categories, WebFilter offers blocking by user, group, IP, bandwidth quota, file types, etc. If ISA/TMG is on your radar, our standalone WebFilter proxy offers the same filtering and blocking options which you can transfer at no additional cost. WebFilter’s replication feature ensures you to keep multiple servers in sync with automatic replication of policies, schedules, quotas, changes to AD and URL Control List updates.

Burstek’s sophisticated suite of filtering, blocking, monitoring, and reporting solutions will help you manage and secure your network environment - easy to install, easy to use, flexible, and customizable for both small and large user counts. Try our fully functional evaluation today.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

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:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Burstek - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.burstek.com
:: Email ::sales@burstek.com

GFI MailEssentials Rating:  (375 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: November 7, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
GFI MailEssentials is an award-winning email antivirus and anti-spam software solution for Exchange Server and other mail servers, which protects your network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats and delivers a spam capture rate of over 99%.

It filters out spam email, phishing scams and viruses through various security layers, including up to 5 antivirus scanning engines and multiple anti-spam filtering technologies – such as two frequently updated anti-spam engines that require no tweaking, IP reputation filtering, greylisting, directory harvesting attack protection and more. It is managed via an integrated web-based configuration and management console and dashboard. Download a free 30-day trial from our website.

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:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::GFI Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.gfi.com
:: Email ::info@gfi.com

MIMEsweeper for Exchange Rating:  (22 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: October 18, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
MIMEsweeper for Exchange allows organizations to protect against digital threats coming from internal email communication. The MIMEsweeper for Exchange Intercept Module links into the IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services) SMTP component on the Exchange server and intercepts messages. It then passes the messages to MIMEsweeper Services for processing. After processing, the MIMEsweeper Services can quarantine the messages or pass them back to IIS for onward delivery, depending on your policies.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Clearswift - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.mimesweeper.com
:: Email ::info@us.mimesweeper.com

MessageScreen Rating:  (29 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: September 9, 2003 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
MessageScreen is a rules-based content filtering solution that acts as a messaging firewall, providing email security for Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, and Lotus Notes. It uses lexicon intelligence and heuristic scoring to stop spam, viruses and porn at the gateway, while virtually eliminating false positives. MessageScreen features a web-based interface, for quick management of quarantined messages.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::Per user pricing
:: Company ::IntelliReach - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.intellireach.com
:: Email ::info@intellireach.com

Panda Security for Business with Exchange Rating:  (48 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: May 10, 2012 Reviews: 2 reviews - View / Submit
Panda Security for Business with Exchange is a security solution for companies that need to protect the workstations, file servers and Exchange servers which make up their networks.

The AdminSecure Management console allows the administrator to manage the global security of the network from one or more points (in the case of additional administrators), optimizing computer productivity and allowing centralized policies to be applied. The different modules included in each solution offer each company, regardless of its size, the right security level for its system structure. The administrator can distribute policies to the computers, and block access to restricted applications or files from the central console, and more.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Panda Security - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.pandasecurity.com
:: Email ::sales@us.pandasecurity.com

GROUP securiQ Suite for Microsoft Exchange Rating:  (33 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: May 21, 2002 Reviews: 2 reviews - View / Submit
The GROUP securiQ Suite is a comprehensive security suite for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino. It covers all aspects of e-mail security including content filtering, liability protection, virus protection, e-mail recording, encryption, and more.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::GROUP Technologies - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.group-technologies.com
:: Email ::sales@group-technologies.com

Praetor Rating:  (19 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: June 13, 2002 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Praetor is a rules-based messaging firewall and content filter. It is packaged with rules to reject banned attachments with known viruses and quarantine suspicious attachments based on filename patterns or extensions. Praetor also includes the LogViewer utility to view and act upon quarantined messages.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Computer Mail Services, Inc. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.cmsconnect.com
:: Email ::info@cmsconnect.com

GFI MailDefense Suite Rating:  (5 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: April 8, 2009 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Anti-virus, anti-spam & anti-phishing suite for Exchange server and other mail servers. Email is a primary means of communication but it is also used to commit fraud, sell products and services and cause damage to networks. Dealing with the huge amount of junk email hitting mail servers and email threats such as viruses and malware can be a nightmare. An effective way to do so would be to install GFI MailDefense Suite, comprising two of GFI’s award-winning solutions, to filter spam, stop viruses and malware in a single downloadable package.

GFI MailDefense Suite makes use of multiple technologies, such as Bayesian filtering to remove spam and up to five anti-virus engines to clean email of viruses. It is easy to install, configure and run while it ships at a price that is the lowest on the market. GFI MailDefense offers the highest spam detection rate (over 98%) and very low rate of false positives. It supports the industry leading messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and Lotus Domino.

If you are looking for a holistic way to handle spam and viruses, then GFI MailDefense is the right tool, at the right price, for you. A free 30-day trial is available for download from our website.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Company ::GFI Software - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.gfi.com
:: Email ::info@gfi.com

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