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ServerFiles.com is a server software & hardware directory for Network administrators & IT professionals, listing networking & server software for Windows 2003, Windows 2000, NT and Linux; and now also listing networking hardware solutions focused on server based computing.

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Altiris SecurityExpressions Rating:  (14 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: January 18, 2010 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
SecurityExpressions allows organizations to audit and discover problems without impacting staff productivity. The ability to continually manage security configurations from definition, evaluation, remediation through monitoring is what distinguishes SecurityExpressions from other solutions.

Key Features & Benefits: Establish baseline configurations from best practices; Evaluate IT controls against government and regulatory requirements; Identify systems that deviate from established baselines; Remediate issues within ITIL-compliant change processes; and more...

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

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Dec '07

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Company ::Symantec - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.symantec.com
:: Email ::sales@symantec.com

Analog Rating:  (1 vote) - Vote
Last Updated: July 29, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Analog is a program to measure the usage on your web server. It tells you which pages are most popular, which countries people are visiting from, which sites they tried to follow broken links from, and all sorts of other useful information. It's written in standard C, so should compile on almost any machine with a C compiler. It's known to work under Windows (all versions), DOS, Mac, all Unix & Linux, OS/2, OpenVMS, Acorn RiscOS, BeOS, Mac OS X, NeXTSTEP, and several mainframes.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Analog - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.analog.cx
:: Email ::info@analog.cx

Antepo OPN System Rating:  (5 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 29, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
The Antepo Open Presence Networks (OPN) System, for UNIX, Windows and LINUX, provides the foundation for scalable Instant Messaging systems in your organization, while enabling direct federation of networks across firewall boundaries using the two IETF standard protocols: XMPP and SIMPLE. The OPN System integrates with a range of third-party IT infrastructure products such as operating systems, directories, databases and other IM systems. Our list of supported systems speaks for itself: Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris (single code base); Directories supported: Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 5.5, iPlanet, OpenLDAP, eTrust, Lotus Domino; Databases supported: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL; Third-party federation supported: Microsoft Live Communications Server 2003 and 2005, IBM Lotus Sametime.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Antepo, Inc - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.antepo.com
:: Email ::support@antepo.com

Apache HTTP Server Rating:  (6 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 29, 2005 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Apache Software Foundation - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.apache.org
:: Email ::apache@apache.org

Arkeia Network Backup Rating:  (10 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 1, 2002 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Arkeia provides automated backup and recovery. It supports a wide variety of computers, operating systems and storage devices. Arkeia accommodates full and incremental backups, scheduled or on demand, and preserves directory structure, registry, symbolic links and special attributes. The system manages file system data and, with extension modules, provides on-line backup for databases (Oracle).

Its transaction engine allows multiple backups and restores to be performed simultaneously.

In the case of network and system errors, Arkeia is designed to restart and recover. Arkeia's systems management facility allows prioritization of other processing activities while a backup is in progress and leverages standard TCP/IP protocol to monitor network errors. Should a network error occur Arkeia restarts the backup procedure from the point of interruption.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Arkeia - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.arkeia.com
:: Email ::sales@arkeia.com

Asterisk Rating:  (8 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: May 31, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. Asterisk does voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.

Features: Asterisk provides Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response and Call Queuing. It has support for three-way calling, caller ID services, ADSI, SIP and H.323 (as both client and gateway).

Protocol Support: Asterisk supports a wide range of TDM protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces. Asterisk supports US and European standard signalling types used in standard business phone systems, allowing it to bridge between next generation voice-data integrated networks and existing infrastructure. Asterisk not only supports traditional phone equipment, it enhances them with additional capabilities.

TechGenix Reviews & Awards:

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May '09

May '08

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Digium, Inc - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.asterisk.org
:: Email ::webmaster@digium.com

Auscomp IT Commander Rating:  (0 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: April 23, 2003 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Auscomp IT Commander is a Help Desk application for Intranet systems that's fully web enabled and available for Windows, Linux and Solaris. In addition to the Help Desk features, the Auscomp IT Commander also includes a fully searchable knowledge base, a comprehensive cost management system and an application/system version tracker. As a tracking and communication system, the Auscomp IT Commander has been designed to expedite and enhance the control and handling of any IT related issues from any department in any company.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Screenshot ::click here
:: Price ::$499
:: Company ::Auscomp - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.auscomp.com
:: Email ::team@auscomp.com

Autotask Rating:  (0 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: March 15, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
Autotask is the all-in-one web-based software that helps VARs, MSPs and IT Service Providers to sell, implement, deliver and bill their services.Autotask will help you improve your business performance through the automation and management of your people, projects and processes.That means greater efficiency, and more profitability.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of implementing the Autotask IT Services Management solution is the automation and integration of all business processes from winning new customers to billing. This gives you a full view of your business metrics, in real time.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Autotask Corporation - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.autotask.com/software
:: Email ::info@autotask.com

Backup Professional Rating:  (15 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: July 1, 2002 Reviews: 1 review - View / Submit
Backup Professional is an enterprise backup and disaster recovery software solution. It provides backup and recovery for a single system or wide variety of systems across your network. Backup Professional supports the following servers: Linux, SCO Unix, SCO OSR5, SCO UnixWare, Solaris Sparc and Intel, Dec Alpha, HP-UX and AIX. Clients supported are Linux Intel and Alpha, SCO Unix, SCO OSR5, Solaris Sparc and Intel, SCO UnixWare, SGI Irix, Sun OS, BSDI, Free BSD, Open BSD, AIX, Dec Alpha, DG-UX, HP-UX, Windows, Novell and Citrix. . Backup Professional is complimented by a variety of disaster recovery modules for both Intel and RISC-based platforms.

Backup Professional uses a client/server architecture to provide enterprise-wide services via TCP/IP. Master and incremental backups for each client or group of clients can be scheduled as often as desired. Backup Professional's internal database maintains every backup on the tape and every file in that backup.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Unitrends - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.unitrends.com
:: Email ::info@unitrends.com

BalanceNG Rating:  (0 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: May 24, 2012 Reviews: 0 reviews - View / Submit
BalanceNG is a software Load Balancing Solution running on the hardware of your choice. BalanceNG is available for Linux/x86, Solaris 10 (x86 and SPARC) operating systems. Clean, logical and easy to apply command and configuration language. Free Basic License: A basic load balancer setup with one virtual server and two targets may be evaluated as long as needed at no charge.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Inlab Software GmbH - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.inlab.de
:: Email ::balanceng-support@inlab.de

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