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NetVigour Exchange Hosting Rating:  (483 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: October 1, 2012
Spend less time working and more time growing your business with NetVigour. We offer Exchange 2007 with plans starting at $9.95/mailbox and mailboxes with up to 2GB of aggregated storage space. We support ActiveSync (Windows Mobile), Blackberry, and iPhone devices. In addition, spam becomes a distant memory with our Enhanced Mail Security. Our other services include Windows-powered web hosting, Microsoft SharePoint 3.0, and dedicated servers for your custom applications, Microsoft Exchange, and your high volume website.

Privately held and independently thinking, NetVigour is not an extension of some other company, or their philosophy. The only people we answer to are our customers. Each customer has a dedicated US-based engineering team who respond to your support requests 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our customers do not listen to menus, wait on hold, or talk to a different technician every time they require support. After all, you have more important things to do, don't you?

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::NetVigour, LLC. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.netvigour.com
:: Email ::sales@netvigour.com

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Comments for NetVigour Exchange Hosting:
"THANK YOU" - Corey [February 21, 2008]
I just wanted to say your company's quality and service is #1 from the first call to Amy to all the technical support from Dan & Andrew. These people truly go the extra mile to be sure everything is set up and all your questions are answered. Thank's again Corey
"Easy tools, Great Support, Highly Recommended" - Sunny [September 25, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
We have been using hosted Exchange for about 4 years and have tried 2 other providers before finally settling with Netvigour about a year ago. In my opinion, the number one issue to consider when picking a provider is Service - all the tools and technologies are fairly standard now. Netvigour goes out of its way to provide great service. Their staff is friendly and always ready to answer questions very promptly. Service availability has been excellent. The configuration tools online are easy to use with nothing to download. Highly Recommended!
"Great" - Adam [September 7, 2006]
The support and service has been excellent with NetVigour. They are very helpful when I have a question. Extremely high availability....email never goes down. Its nice not having to worry about exchange.
"Great help and great service" - Suken Jain [August 7, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Recently switched over, and Netvigour has great people there to help you make the switch whether you know a lot or very little about exchange service. They are very responsive and great at walking you through setups step by step. Since we switched over, we do not have the problems of losing connection that we had before.
"Great job!" - Jim Garrettson [July 28, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
NetVigour did a great job assisting us in our transition. We are happy to be back with them. We would refer others to NetVigour. Thanks!
"Extremely happy with NetVigour" - Craig Broadbooks [June 5, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
We are a small property developer, with no main office, with exactly 5 users. NetVigour has been a wonderful service. The hosted exchange was exactly what we needed. We have four users on laptops using WiFi to connect either at home or at various real estate project sites. It is a snap for them to connect to the NetVigour server at any WiFi location and use Exchange as though we were all in the same building.

We don't have to worry about a server, or with backing up our data. NetVigour allows us to concentrate on developing our business rather than fussing with all the IT headaches that come with running your own Exchange server.

NetVigour service is awesome. I've only ever had a handful of questions/issues, all easily handled with a very prompt email response.

I would highly recommend the NetVigour hosted exchange service.
"Very good support" - Christophe [March 14, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
The support is great and fast.
Th price is intersting and the NetVigour Enhanced Mail Security (postini) is very interesting.
I am happy !
"Great support" - John J Wasserburger [February 7, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Netvigour provides fast and reliable service. Even the complicated addition of the Blackberry is great. They respond quickly when I mess some thing up and they fix it immediately. It is an absolutely awesome!!!

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