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Email Security and Data Protection Rating:  (39 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: February 9, 2012
Sophos Security and Control delivers a platform at every vulnerable point - desktop, laptops, servers, email and web - to defeat today's and tomorrow's threats.

In addition to preventing malware and suspicious behavior, you can control use of unauthorized software like VoIP, IM. P2P and games, ensure patches are up to date, eliminate rogue users and and certify systems before and after they connect to the network. Unlike other vendors we integrate protection at all levels - threat analysis, management and detection. SophosLabs combines malware, spam, application and web expertise; you manage single policies for all threats; and one unified detection engine scans for the good and the bad at every vulnerable point.

:: Platform :: Windows, Linux
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Company ::Sophos - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.sophos.com
:: Email ::sales@sophos.com

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Comments for Email Security and Data Protection:
"Sophos Anti-Virus" - Gary Sinton [February 8, 2006] Product Rating: 2/5
Good tech supp; Cute, lively icons; always detects and removes spyware & viruses. However ...

RouterNT.exe 8,028k
ALMon.exe 7,348k
SAVAdminService.exe 3,808k
ALSvc.exe 5,060k
AutoUpdateAgentNT.exe 10,176k
SAVService.exe 32,432k
ManagementAgentNT.exe 11,764k
T O T A L 78,616
Also, users sometime complain that the software cripples their computers with savservice and routerNT permanently taking >40% cpu.
The software must be pushed from the server to client for the client to be a "managed computer".

Sophos management from a weak or underpowered server hangs the server, performs extremely slowly, does not load some configuration to clients (update schedule, virus clean parameters), and may affect client performance. Server security log is constantly full; must be configured to overwrite events when it reaches maximum size.

Management software is a server killer on networks which have communications imperfections. We experience terribly slow Response time on Enterprise console (posasibly weak servers).
To prevent the servers from running out of available space on the system drive, I must reduce the size of undelivered messages from 2GB to less than 200MB before the server runs out of drive space. This is not a Sophos Management Console option. Therefore, to do so, I go to \ENVELOPES and manually erase any undelivered messages older than three days to reduce the number of undelivered messages to 15,000 and make the \ENVELOPES less than 120MB (noisy LAN with high volume of retransmits).

Installations errors often caused by Sophos conflicts with installshield can be resolved by removing ikerernel.exe and installshield software from the computer. Installshield will also prevent sophos from installing. That is, Installshield pre-empts the Windows installer, then
kills the installation process with a compatibility error.

If another virus scanning product had been installed, you're likely to see Sophos unable to install because the installation aborts with "error 80041f02
Installation could not continue for the presence of another anti-virus on this computer". You get to discover and remove any vestiges of other antivirus product which may be present in memory, on the hard drive, or in the registry. Average cleanup time is > 1 hour.

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