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BullGuard Antivirus 12 Rating:  (178 votes) - Vote
Last Updated: February 9, 2012
While many of the antivirus products on the market still use the traditional reactive Signature-Based technology to detect viruses, BullGuard also includes Behavioural Detection. This state-of-the-art technology spots unknown virus by how they “act” – based on file, registry, process, and network events – and thus achieves very high catch rates. Signature-Based Detection and Behavioural Detection are both part of a cutting-edge software architecture based on layered defences – if malicious code gets through one layer, the next one will catch it.

:: Platform :: Windows
:: Product URL ::click here
:: Price ::$39.99 for 1 year
:: Company ::BullGuard Ltd. - All Prods
:: Company URL ::www.bullguard.com
:: Email ::mail@bullguard.com

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Comments for BullGuard Antivirus 12:
"Very powerful and light" - Pierre Lemlyn [April 23, 2007] Product Rating: 5/5
Bullguard (7) is the Internet Security solution I personally use on my private network AND is also by my company (about 40 workstations, 65 users). No one complains, everyone finds it very easy (especially the anti-spam feature)
It's fast and very affordable.
Moreover, the Vista release is also very nice (but no firewall right now).
Previously, I was used to Mc Afee and NAV... They were so "heavy"
"bullguard" - john griffin [June 5, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
bullguard has been the finest security suite ive ever used and i have used nortons, mcafees,bit defender all of these..Ive had BG over 2 years andhad 0 problems..
I suggest that people stop blaming thier incompetence on BG n taking responcibility..but o course they wont...
"Bullguard" - Dave Jenkjns(Bulguard Reseller) [June 5, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
We have sold this product for ages and ages, had a few problems with previous versions but all these have been resolved within minuets by Bullguards second to support team, i just think some of you are maybe a bit lazy and decided to try and work out the problem yourself rather than letting the pro's. Also it seems most of the problems posted stem from kazaa/bullguard lite, all i can say is "you get what you pay for", but as Ben Lomax stated there support is free and quick and there is not many A/V companies that do both

Dave Jenkins
"Problems." - Ben Lomax [March 16, 2006] Product Rating: 5/5
Dear All,

We appreciate your comments here at BullGuard and would like to point out that we have a superb technical support department that is available by going to www.bullguard.com and clicking on LIVE CHAT at the top of the screen. Our support desk will be with you shortly after to help with any problems you have. Alternatively feel free to email support@bullguard.com for which we aim to respond within 1 hour. I would like to point out that our support is absolutely free and we do receive rave reviews about that alone if it is needed.

Kind regards,

"Unimpressed." - sisyphus [February 8, 2006] Product Rating: 1/5
Bullguard came installed on my new laptop. i did the very first thing anyone should do - i set up a no-priv account for browsing, e-mail and all non-admin tasks. Upon logging on i was informed that Bullguard requires admin privs to run. i laughed out loud. That one fact makes it a security risk, not a protection (especially since it's not even open source).

And no, i don't work for a rival company, neither do i use (or install) Kazaa.
"may work well, but runs like a virus when trying to uninstall" - Lynnette [February 7, 2006] Product Rating: 1/5
For those who love this product, I do not doubt it "seems" to work well. However, have you ever tried to uninstall it completely from your system. That is when the real problem starts. It is almost impossible unless you know what to do. I hate to say this, but even Norton uninstalls more easily than this. Also, the fact that BullGuard installs Kazaa with it is not a good sign. Be careful. If anyone does decide to install BullGuard, make sure you create a backup of your files first so when it does begin to malfunction, you won't have to worry if the only option is to reinstall Windows.
"What a Great Product" - Daryl Kulak [July 19, 2005] Product Rating: 4/5
I was so surprised to see negative comments about Bullguard here.

Obviously, people are confusing Kazaa problems with Bullguard.

I do not use Kazaa. I just installed Bullguard separately from their Website. What a dream! I started with a two month trial version.

Once Bullguard found 12 viruses that Norton had missed, I was sold. I bought the anti-virus, firewall and online backup. Easy to use, stable, user friendly.

It could be that there are problems with uninstalling Bullguard. I don't know because I didn't need to uninstall.

Why do people still install Kazaa??

I must add that Bullguard is quite a resource hog when it is running an anti-virus check. That might be because I have an old Pentium machine 500Mhz.

Overall, it's a great product. Goodbye buggy Norton, Hello Bullguard!
"This is a great AV" - Melchey [July 19, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
God knows how some of u feels its not a good AV but it worked great for me i used Norton AV before i switched to BG.BG caught all the viruses which were on my computer that NAV failed to catch, i was amazed to see
how many malware existed on my PC i tell u bullguard is the best AV ever and the ppl using bitdefender should know that bitdefender is a rip of bullguard.

and the thing that makes bull guard soo good is its excellet firewall and its ability of background scanning and running on very low CPU resource this is one thing that NAV and McCafe cant do that is not sucking ur system resource
"BG" - Gareth Parry [May 5, 2005] Product Rating: 4/5
Used the free trial for three months now no prblems and so easy to use,I would recommend this product to all,BullGuard is one of the better suites I have used.
Don't use Kazaa.
"BullGuard" - Gareth Parry [May 5, 2005] Product Rating: 4/5
Just upgraded to BG 5 works just fine,no problems uninstalling the old version, but I'm not sure I like the new interface.I would recommend this product and you can download the trial version first
"Bloody rubbish" - Nick Hayes [May 2, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
I just bought Bullguard after it was recommended to me and it screwed my PC up. I'm running XP pro with 1GB of RAM so my PC is fast, after Bullguard had loaded it took me over 30 minutes to open the Control Panel!! You think I'm joking!. To erase it off my system cos the whole PC was running that slowly, it took over 2 hours to do! You clicked the Start button, and after about 5 minutes the list would appear above. Menus kept freezing, the CPU usage was all over the place! I only had it a day and I've thrown it in the bin! Absolutely useless software- best avoided if you value your system!
"Bullguard 5.0 full program" - bob johnson [May 2, 2005]
This program is excellent. It hasn't failed me yet. There have been big improvements in the 4.5 and 5.0 versions, especially with respect to burden on the system. The 5.0 works well without disturbing other processes, and runs pretty much silently in the background.
"BULLGUARD HATERS." - Ben [April 11, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
To all the people that have slated BullGuard on this website, it is blatantly obvious that you all work for a competitorwho is running scared that BullGuard is simply a great product that does its job. I use BullGuard and have no problems at all using the product. The antivirus is automatic daily updates, the firewall does what its meant to do and the online backup is a unique addition with the product, that I guarantee all the other virus companies will start to jump on the band wagon and also start to add into their products. BullGuard is a market leading product. Yes it is partnered with Kazaa but if you are signed up to Kazaa or any other download website you should expect to get viruses thrown at you every second you are on there. Places like that are where the viruses breed. I suggest anyone who actually pays attention to these reviews contacts BullGuards free and live technical support directly from their webpage if they have problems.

"Bullguard vs Bullguard lite" - Ole [March 15, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
Bullguard lite that comes with Kazaa is a big problem, not only for the users of Kazaa but also for Bullguard security software becuse people think, that the full Bullguard security suite works as poorly as Bullguard lite.
Let me say this: The full Bullguard security suite is a great program, it does what is't sopose to do and with an easy understandeble interface.
"BullGuard" - paul [February 28, 2005] Product Rating: 5/5
Great AV completely baffled by the other comments... BullGuard is based on the best tech out there, that is why I bought my subscription. If you wont take my word for it I suggest visiting their website.
"don't buy it" - robert [January 10, 2005] Product Rating: 1/5
this program may as well be a VIRUS itself. Don't buy it, and don't get KAZAA. These guys should be arrested for what they do to your computer. It took me a LONG time to get rid of these pests. THANK GOD THEY ARE OUT OF MY COMPUTER!
"Bullguard version 5.0" - Neil [January 3, 2005] Product Rating: 4/5
I tried the software for 2 months now and no problems so far. The suite (anti virus, firewall and backup) is unique and performs as good as my previous NIS 2004. I noticed the scan engine is a bit faster in bullguard maybe because they use Bitdefender techniques ;)
To all those who read public forums, try it before you buy it.
"BullGuard" - Hugh [December 2, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
I came to this forum after the most awul experience with a program that passes for antivirus protection. My warning to people is:. JUST DONT DO IT! This program is a virus in disguise. I lost tons of files due to having to Format my HD To get rid of this piece of crap! I say Good riddance and hope the Feds do something about these wackos pretty soon. I noticed that "1" is the worst when voting on a product here....naw this "thing" is a minus 100. It has caused a lot of people a lot of pain and lost productivity. This company should be sued left right & center!.
"Bullguard" - Gopher [November 8, 2004] Product Rating: 4/5
I have been using Bullguard for about two years - I read through the comments, and it appears as if everyone who has problems got them from the Lite version that comes with kaZaa - Peraps it is actually a problem from the interaction of Bullguard and kaZaa -I have not seen those problems, and I rather like the software.
"Agree with most comments" - Kepano [October 26, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
With the exception of Peter Nielsen and Alan, my comments mirror most of the others on this thread. Bullguard is not good at all. Several symptoms already mentioned is inability to remove through add/remove programs, processor capacity maxing out, crashes, reboots saying that user cannot be identified, etc.
"BullGuard" - Peter Nielsen [September 13, 2004] Product Rating: 5/5
.....and furthermore BullGuard is responsible for peoples' general inability to use computers! I have used version 4.0, 4.1 and 5.0. I have uninstalled older versions to install the new ones by utilizing the standard UNINSTALL FEATURE with no problems whatsoever! I have no idea what you people are on about BullGuard is without doubt the easiest internet security programme I have come across. But if you are silly enough to use Kazaa - well I guess you deserve the problems you are experiencing!
"BULLGUARD SUCKS" - anon [September 6, 2004]
Errr bullguard is craaaaaap - freezes your computer alll the time and makes it slow as, dont go near i you cant get rid of it! WORSE THAN A VIRUS ITS A DISEASE
"A Nightmare" - JC [September 6, 2004]
Unfortunately I came to this discussion AFTER I spent hours getting rid of this slimeball. My anger is not so much at the stupidity of BG's computer-crashing incompetence, but more at their having compounded its worthlessness with what are obviously INTENTIONAL, arrogant, and malicious methods to make it uninstall-proof. I am having second thoughts about KAZAA.
I can't believe how fast my computer is after throwing out this trash.
"HUGE HEADACHE!" - sally [August 30, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
I initially liked Bullguard b/c it found a lot of viruses and trojans. And then my computer was
running EXTREMEMLY slow. I had all the problems that everyone mentioned below in trying to
uninstall the program. I actually wanted to reinstall it and use it, but it ended up being a HUGE
PAIN.They're pretty good about emailing back, but their "24 hr Live Chat" is a huge farce. I left
my other computer (since the desktop wasn't working) running for 3 hours waiting for the chat
box and no one answered. I tried this twice. I asked about this and no one has ever responded
back regarding this situation. I finally decided that I just need to sit and wait for my computer as
I executed each task (each task taking about 5 minutes). Using my laptop for instructions, I
was able to uninstall it using the manual uninstall. What a disaster. I'm asking for my money
back and will use another virus protection program.
"Bullguard is a disaster!!" - Tricia [August 23, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
I downloaded Kazaa and sadly, Bullguard and my computer was the slowest it has ever been. It was frightening! The directions that Ann gives on how to remove Bullguard are very, very good. Thank you Ann! for writing these directions so clearly.
"quick fix works" - Juli [August 3, 2004]
We ended up with BG after my daughter downloaded Kazaa- I followed the Quick Fix for WinXP and it worked very very quickly-Thank You!! I agree these people need to be stopped.
"My Online Student's System Trashed By Kazaa/Bullguard " - M. Keene [July 7, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
WARNING! I teach English and Business Communications classes online for a community college in the U.S. My students are being shut down and infected by both Kazaa and Bullguard; this problem is worsening by the week. They rely on their PCs to maintain their coursework and meet assignment deadlines; when they are infected or face .dll conflicts, they are typically not experienced enough users to solve the problem, and require outside assistance that they can ill-afford, and they miss deadlines. They don't know enough to understand the problems that can occur from Kazaa, and they are suffering from their lack of knowledge. PLEASE warn all college students and instructors who use the Web for any part of their instruction about this problem immediately, so that they can pass it on. Thank you.
""Bullguard Removal in WIN2000"" - ELWHAPPO [July 1, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
This was a little tricky. Whenever I went to control panel | add/remove programs or into the "services" and touched anything related to bullguard, it shut the computer down. After restarting in safe mode, I was able to remove this sorry excuse for a virus protection and the computer is running fine now.
"bullguard" - Tammy [June 23, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
this is the worst anti virus program I have ever used..got it with kazaa without having a choice...is this the way kazaa has to keep people from file sharing? Must be, I uninstalled kazaa but cant get rid of bullguard..it killed my norton anti virus and from reading some of these post, Im almost going to have to format my HD to get rid of this stupid program..people are saying it takes 4 hours to do the uninstall, well it only takes 1 1\2 to 2 hours to do a complete format and clean install of a OS...I hate bullguard I cant believe one person on this posts loves it..they must work for bullguard or getting a kick back..this program sucks..
"Quick Removal for WinXP" - Schien [May 28, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
I came to this page AFTER I removed the BG pest. It was a horrible, horrible experience. For WinXP users, simply use msconfig.exe instead of editing the registry by hand. When the virus is running, it takes minutes to open a new window. Disable all the SERVICES and Startup Items that are associated with BullGuard. REBOOT and make sure no bullguard instance is running (by running msconfig again). Then use Ad-Aware to clear out some garbage. You should have no problem in removing BullGuard Communicator from the Add/Remove program control panel. So far I haven't figured out a quick way to restore my Norton AV. Also some audio codecs are screwed :(
"bullguard" - flapinthebreeze [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
This is amazingly awful. Some sort of joke? After installation,my computer ran as though infected with an awful virus. To uninstall--need to go the the webstite bullguard.com and follow the instructions for manual uninstallation. The usual methods don't work. Are these guys hackers in disguise?
"BullGuard" - Tiffany [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Bullguard is absolutley horrible!!! I can't get rid of it-- i don't care what the promotion says, it's misleading it is NOT easily unistalled. I couldn't find its unistall aplication and when i try and delete it my comp tells me that its running somewhere else on my comp. I hate bullguard and hope no one has to deal with such problems as i have had to deal with.
"Bullguard sucks !!!" - Dianne [May 14, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Do not ever install Bullguard, because it totally mess up my pc, I can't even use internet explorer, i don't what to do... it sucks, it's terrible, it's awful, it's bad, DO NOT USE IT!
"BullGuard" - Ming Mendonca [April 3, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
This has to be the worst experience ever for me. My daughter downloaded Kazaa and that was how we got this garbage. It took me 4 hours to uninstall manually, the same way Anne did and I almost have this pest removed (everything but the add/remove program). You need to follow Anne's instruction and in addition:
1) delete the c:\winnt\temp\bullguard folder
2) If you can't delete the bgshellex.dll in c:\program files\bullguard, that's because it used by explorer.exe. You need to rename the file to something else, reboot and then delete the folder. By the way, if you don't want to go through the hassle, buy PestPatrol. I am told the latest version gets rid of this pest.
"Bullguard" - Paul Dornan [March 19, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
My brother downloaded Kazaa, unaware that Bullguard was attatched. i have now been sat at my computer for four hours, and have just sucessfully wiped it off. the instructions from Anne (march 8 2004) were perfect. I followed them to the letter and it was successfull.

Bullguard had wiped out my norton antivirus, and allowed me to get seven trojan and roxy (?) viruses. needless to say i would not recommend this to anyone.

Thanks for the halp Anne!
"" - Marco Avellaneda [March 11, 2004]
Bullguard is installed automatically or almost with Kazaa. It is a dangerous software that does a lot of harm and cannot be removed easily. Stay away.
"How do delete Bullguard" - anne [March 8, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
I got Bullguard by downloading Kazaa. They work together and Bullguard will install itself without you doing anything. It has ruined my computer and even though with the help of the following instructions, I have "almost" deleted it - there is a program file which cannot be deleted, my computer is sluggish and intensely irritating. I'm not clever enough to have figured out the instructions below, but found them by accident. They should be broadcast loud and clear to all who need them.

This software slows PCs by taking over all the memory to the point that these are unusable. After trying several ill-fated attempts, this WOULD NOT uninstall through the control panel or its uninstall program! The ONLY way to remove this is by manually editing the registry.
1. Start-run-(type "regedit")--ok
3. Then keep opening "BullGuard" folders till you get a right click "delete" option. Use it on all (and only) Bullguard folders
4. Start-my computer-local disk C-BullGuard (folder)
5. Open this folder and any folders it contains and one by one delete every file (some will remain) within it/them
6. Start-control panel-add/remove programs-BullGuard- remove (will get rid of remaining C drive files)
7. Delete all BullGuard icons on desktop
8. Empty recycle bin
9. Restart
These people should go to jail and have something nasty done to them.
"Bullguard" - Charlie Harrington [February 19, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Stay away from this rubbish, or install it and expect massive slowdown, and constant crashing. Beware.... Heed my words.....
"Bullguard" - Charlie Harrington [February 18, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
Stay away from this rubbish, or install it and expect massive slowdown, and constant crashing. Beware.... Heed my words.....
"Bullguard - SlowDown!" - Mike Anderson [January 26, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
This thing is slowing down my computer drastically, and cannot be uninstalled: It crashes the desktop on every attempt! Bullguard is worse than the viruses it should be protecting us from!
I'd give it a zero, but the scale doesn't go that low.
"Riding Kazaa's Coat tails" - Larry Larson [January 23, 2004]
When I updated my version of Kazaa, it installed Bull guard on my computer without even asking. My machine lagged considerably, and was a pain to delete. Kazaa has their treachery worked down to a science. Stay away from both of them...
"It's such a harrassment" - Harrassed User [January 13, 2004] Product Rating: 1/5
The Bullguard has entered my Desktop and now I can not get rid of it. It has been a great nuisance - My P.C. has slowed down drastically. I don't think the program gives any virus protection at all. I only wish someone can help me get rid of this program without causing any damage to my computer.
"Beware!!!" - Phil Harrison [December 9, 2003] Product Rating: 1/5
Have you tried to delete Bullguard? I don't think I ever installed it in the first place. As soon as it was deleted I lost my soundcard and access to system in control panel. I too have written to Bullguard and have had no joy. Warn all to avoid this product.
"Bullguard" - Alan [October 27, 2003] Product Rating: 5/5
This is a great product. I have had it for over a year now. I have renewed by contract for two more years. I recommend this product to everyone.
"BullGuard" - Wadiyah [October 20, 2003]
We tried BullGuard but could never do any work. The anti virus ran and ran and ran. I finally deleted it from my desktop, even before the MIS guys came to shut it down on each PC. It drove me crazy and I'm not sure if it ever got rid of any viruses.
"Beware of downloading Bullguard" - Frustrated [October 2, 2003]
Once it's on your computer..it is impossible to remove and truly a nuisance of soliciting their product everytime you start up your computer. I have told everyone I know to beware of this.
"BullGuard" - Laurie Eggleston [June 20, 2003]
This product somehow tied in with my Norton Update and wouldn't allow an update without first installing the "Free-ware" trail of Bullguard. Once installed on my computer it became a total nuisance. I tried to uninstall but was unable to. It is still on my computer, although the trial period is over. Every attempt at removing it has caused huge snarls and my computer must go through a complete re-start with scan disk. I have tried to contact the company but have not heard back from anyone.
I have told everyone I know to stay away from this product.
"yearly fee" - curtis rudisail [October 2, 2002]
This is a yearly fee and not a one time program that you can buy and use all the time.

  Showing comments 1-48 of 48  

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